Galois groups and group actions on Lie algebras. (arXiv:1505.07346v3 [math.RA] UPDATED)

If $\mathfrak{g} \subseteq \mathfrak{h}$ is an extension of Lie algebras over a field $k$ such that ${\rm dim}_k (\mathfrak{g}) = n$ and ${\rm dim}_k (\mathfrak{h}) = n + m$, then the Galois group ${\rm Gal} \, (\mathfrak{h}/\mathfrak{g})$ is explicitly described as a subgroup of the canonical semidirect product of groups ${\rm GL} (m, \, k) \rtimes {\rm M}_{n\times m} (k)$. An Artin type theorem for Lie algebras is proved: if a group $G$ whose order isinvertible in $k$ acts as automorphisms on a Lie algebra $\mathfrak{h}$, then $\mathfrak{h}$ is isomorphic to a skew crossed product $\mathfrak{h}^G \, \#^{\bullet} \, V$, where $\mathfrak{h}^G$ is the subalgebra of invariants and $V$ is the kernel of the Reynolds operator. The Galois group ${\rm Gal} \,(\mathfrak{h}/\mathfrak{h}^G)$ is also computed, highlighting the difference from the classical Galois theory of fields where the corresponding group is $G$. The counterpart for Lie algebras of Hilbert's Theorem 90 is proved and based on 查看全文>>