Entropy and drift for word metric on relatively hyperbolic groups. (arXiv:1811.10849v2 [math.GR] UPDATED)

We are interested in the Guivarc'h inequality for admissible random walks on finitely generated relatively hyperbolic groups, endowed with a word metric. We show that for random walks with finite super-exponential moment, if this inequality is an equality, then the Green distance is roughly similar to the word distance, generalizing results of Blach{\`e}re, Ha{\"i}ssinsky and Mathieu for hyperbolic groups [4]. Our main application is for relatively hy-perbolic groups with respect to virtually abelian subgroups of rank at least 2. We show that for such groups, the Guivarc'h inequality with respect to a word distance and a finitely supported random walk is always strict. 查看全文>>