Bipartite Quantum Interactions: Entangling and Information Processing Abilities. (arXiv:1901.05895v1 [quant-ph])

The aim of this thesis is to advance the theory behind quantum information processing tasks, by deriving fundamental limits on bipartite quantum interactions and dynamics, which corresponds to an underlying Hamiltonian that governs the physical transformation of a two-body open quantum system. The goal is to determine entangling abilities of such arbitrary bipartite quantum interactions. Doing so provides fundamental limitations on information processing tasks, including entanglement distillation and secret key generation, over a bipartite quantum network. We also discuss limitations on the entropy change and its rate for dynamics of an open quantum system weakly interacting with the bath. We introduce a measure of non-unitarity to characterize the deviation of a doubly stochastic quantum process from a noiseless evolution. Next, we introduce information processing tasks for secure read-out of digital information encoded in read-only memory devices against adversaries of varying capabi 查看全文>>