An Adiabatic Decomposition of the Hodge Cohomology of Manifolds Fibred over Graphs. (arXiv:1712.09832v1 [math.DG])

In this article we use the combinatorial and geometric structure of manifolds with embedded cylinders in order to develop an adiabatic decomposition of the Hodge cohomology of these manifolds. We will on the one hand describe the adiabatic behaviour of spaces of harmonic forms by means of a certain \v{C}ech-de Rham complex and on the other hand generalise the Cappell-Lee-Miller splicing map to the case of a finite number of edges, thus combining the topological and the analytic viewpoint. In parts, this work is a generalisation of works of Cappell, Lee and Miller in which a single-edged graph is considered, but it is more specific since only the Gauss-Bonnet operator is studied. 查看全文>>