On DC based Methods for Phase Retrieval. (arXiv:1810.09061v1 [cs.IT])

In this paper, we develop a new computational approach which is based on minimizing the difference of two convex functionals (DC) to solve a broader class of phase retrieval problems. The approach splits a standard nonlinear least squares minimizing function associated with the phase retrieval problem into the difference of two convex functions and then solves a sequence of convex minimization sub-problems. For each subproblem, the Nesterov's accelerated gradient descent algorithm or the Barzilai-Borwein (BB) algorithm is used. In the setting of sparse phase retrieval, a standard $\ell_1$ norm term is added into the minimization mentioned above. The subproblem is approximated by a proximal gradient method which is solved by the shrinkage-threshold technique directly without iterations. In addition, a modified Attouch-Peypouquet technique is used to accelerate the iterative computation. These lead to more effective algorithms than the Wirtinger flow (WF) algorithm and the Gauss-Newton (查看全文

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