A Level Set Approach to Online Sensing and Trajectory Optimization with Time Delays. (arXiv:1901.11139v1 [cs.SY])

Presented is a method to compute certain classes of Hamilton-Jacobi equations that result from optimal control and trajectory generation problems with time delays. Many robotic control and trajectory problems have limited information of the operating environment a priori and must continually perform online trajectory optimization in real time after collecting measurements. The sensing and optimization can induce a significant time delay, and must be accounted for when computing the trajectory. This paper utilizes the generalized Hopf formula, which avoids the use of grids and numerical gradients that is typical of other methods for computing solutions to the Hamilton-Jacobi equation, which suffer exponential dimensional scaling. We present as an example a robot that incrementally predicts a communication channel from measurements as it travels. As part of this example, we introduce a seemingly new generalization of a non-parametric formulation of robotic communication channel estimatio查看全文

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