Convergence of filtered weak solutions to the 2D Euler equations with vortex sheet initial data. (arXiv:1810.09636v1 [math.AP])

We study weak solutions of the two-dimensional (2D) filtered Euler equations whose vorticity is a finite Radon measure and velocity has locally finite kinetic energy, which is called the vortex sheet solution. The 2D filtered Euler equations are considered as a regularized 2D Euler equations with a spatial filtering and these equations have a unique global weak solution for vortex sheet initial data. On the other hand, the 2D Euler equations require a distinguished sign of initial vorticity for the existence of a global solution with vortex sheet initial data and its uniqueness remains an open question. In this paper, we prove that vortex sheet solutions of the 2D filtered Euler equations converge to those of the 2D Euler equations in the limit of the filtering parameter provided that initial vortex sheet has a distinguished sign. We also show that a simple application of our proof yields the convergence of the vortex method that is a point vortex approximation of vortex sheets. We mak查看全文

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