Elliptic classes of Schubert cells via Bott-Samelson resolution. (arXiv:1904.10852v1 [math.AG])

We study the equivariant elliptic characteristic classes of Schubert varieties of the generalized full flag variety $G/B$. For this first we need to twist the notion of elliptic characteristic class of Borisov-Libgober by a line bundle, and thus allow the elliptic classes to depend on extra variables. Using the Bott-Samelson resolution of Schubert varieties we prove a BGG-type recursion for the elliptic classes, and study the Hecke algebra of our elliptic BGG operators. For $G=GL_n(C)$ we find representatives of the elliptic classes of Schubert varieties in natural presentations of the K theory ring of $G/B$, and identify them with the Tarasov-Varchenko weight function (a.k.a. elliptic stable envelopes for $T^*G/B$). As a byproduct we find another recursion, different from the known R-matrix recursion for the fixed point restrictions of weight functions. On the other hand the R-matrix recursion generalizes for arbitrary reductive group $G$.查看全文

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